At SupportEd, we leverage our expertise in the development and implementation of face-to-face as well as online and blended professional development (PD) to support English learner (EL) achievement.

We tailor our PD specifically to you. During our PD work we will, in consultation with you:

  • Frame and design PD content that corresponds to the specific needs of educators and ELs in your district
  • Develop and implement an online survey for participants to ascertain their level of familiarity and needs on each topic prior to the session
  • Design hands-on, practical application activities for participants to engage in
  • Develop interim tasks and tools for teachers to use to implement strategies in between PD sessions
  • Design an evaluation tool and use evaluation results to debrief with you after the session in order for you to plan next steps
  • Provide online PLCs and/or coaching to ensure strategies are being implemented between face-to-face sessions and to offer additional resources and guidance

Some research-based topics we currently offer are:

  • Scaffolding instruction for ELs across content areas
  • Teaching academic language to ELs (choosing vocabulary, embedding academic language instruction at the sentence and discourse levels)
  • Developing ELs’ literacy skills
  • Culturally responsive instruction for ELs
  • Serving unique populations such as students with interrupted formal education (SIFE), ELs who receive special education services, long-term ELs
  • Increasing EL family and community engagement
  • Formative assessment for ELs
  • Selecting and developing ELs’ background knowledge
  • Supporting ELs’ oral language development
  • Teaching ELs within a dual language or bilingual setting
  • Strengthening educators’ collaboration, leadership, and advocacy skills to support ELs
  • Serving PreK ELs and dual language learners
  • Other topics upon request

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