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At SupportEd, we know that English Learners (ELs) bring many strengths to their schools and communities. SupportEd provides educators and other stakeholders in ELs’ education the skills and resources they need to champion ELs’ success within and beyond their classrooms.


We understand the challenge, hard work, and joy of serving ELs. Our staff, comprised of experienced English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) educators, administrators, and researchers, is uniquely qualified to support your district’s EL needs. Learn more about recent additions to our 2020-21 online PD offerings.


We approach each PD engagement collaboratively with our clients and customize our approach based on your teachers’ strengths and needs


Our online PD allows teachers and administrators to learn at their own pace while improving their classroom practice and support of ELs.


We offer many supporting services from curriculum development to technical writing.

Unlocking ELs’ Potential

ELs are the fastest growing segment of the K-12 population. Our book provides a single resource to help your ELs meet the same challenging content standards as their English-proficient peers. Dip into a toolbox of strategies, examples, templates, and activities from EL authorities Diane Staehr Fenner and Sydney Snyder.

On-Demand Book Studies

Self-paced. Fully online. Based on best-selling books authored by members of the SupportEd team. Earn 20 PD hours per book study. Available year round.

“SupportEd brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from across the ESOL field and profession. Their collaborative approach to training results in professional development programs that are not only grounded in research and best practices, but are practical and teacher-focused.”

– John Segota, Associate Executive Director for Public Policy and Professional Relations, TESOL International Association

12-Hour Facilitated Online Courses

Winter Session: January 25 – March 8, 2021

Strategies for Building ELs’ Academic Language

Explore research-based practices for supporting ELs as they acquire both language and content knowledge. Based on our bestselling book Unlocking English Learners’ Potential, this course focuses on building ELs’ academic language at the word, sentence, and discourse level.

Strategies for Making Content Accessible to ELs

Based on our bestselling book Unlocking English Learners’ Potential, this course explores best practices for scaffolding content instruction for ELs, supporting oral language development, and implementing formative assessments.

Creating a Culturally Responsive School Climate

A culturally responsive school climate is integral in supporting today’s multilingual learners (MLs) and their families. Explore the meaning of culture and its implications for teaching, and unlock a toolbox of strategies to strengthen your use of culturally responsive teaching practices.

Effectively Advocating for ELs

Based on our bestselling book Advocating for English Learners, this course explores strategies to advocate for ELs in your own context to provide equitable learning opportunities and supported parent involvement in your school.

Effectively Reaching SLIFE

This course delves into the specific strengths and challenges of students with limited or interrupted formal education (SLIFE). It explores topics such as supporting and engaging SLIFE and their families; developing of materials, activities, and programs; and effectively instructing SLIFE.

News Updates

  • Spring/Summer News 2020 - In 2020 we have been responding to the rapidly changing instructional landscape to continue fostering ELs’ success with several types of online professional development. We also provide an overview of our new and ongoing long-term technical assistance projects, conference presentations, and more. - New! On-Demand Book Studies We’re excited to announce two fully self-paced 20-hour online… Learn more
  • Winter News 2020 - We are having a productive start to the new year fostering ELs’ success with five online courses, new and ongoing long-term technical assistance projects, professional development (PD) in several states, upcoming conference keynotes and presentations, and more. Online EL Professional Development Courses (January 21 - March 6, 2020) This winter, we are proud to run… Learn more