There are many ways SupportEd can support your district’s EL program development needs. Below are some of the types of services we can provide.

  • Identification and entry assessment of ELs: Collaborate with registrars and ESOL staff to enhance the EL intake process so that all ELs are identified and their level of English is accurately assessed.
  • EL placement: Support student placement so that all ELs are placed in settings that maximize their potential for linguistic growth, achievement in the content areas, and a path toward high school graduation.
  • EL assessment, exit procedures, and progress monitoring: Analyze English language proficiency test results to accurately measure progress and growth and identify targets for determining proficiency levels for exiting EL status.
  • Pathway to graduation: Design a realistic and obtainable pathway to graduation for ELs to meet this challenge successfully and include families of ELs in a meaningful way that respects their backgrounds, languages, and cultures.


Syracuse Central School District (SCSD): SupportEd has provided ongoing technical assistance and professional development to SCSD for three years as they implement new NY State policies affecting the district’s growing population of ELs and their teachers. We have worked with SCSD to ensure their compliance with state and federal policies so that all ELs are served. As part of this project, SupportEd has worked with SCSD to develop:

  • District action plan
  • Online survey tool on state and district policy school-level implementation
  • EL program guidebook
  • Three-year strategic plan for EL and bilingual services
  • Dual language program self-assessment rubric and support
  • EL scheduling recommendations and resources

Sample of Our Work

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