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About SupportEd

At SupportEd, we know that English Learners (ELs) bring many strengths to their schools and communities.

SupportEd provides educators and other stakeholders in ELs’ education the skills and resources they need to champion ELs’ success within and beyond their classrooms.


We understand the challenge, hard work, and joy of serving ELs. Our staff, comprised of experienced English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) educators, administrators, and researchers, is uniquely qualified to support your district’s EL needs.


We approach each PD engagement collaboratively with our clients and customize our approach based on your teachers’ strengths and needs


Our online PD allows teachers and administrators to learn at their own pace while improving their classroom practice and support of ELs.


We offer many supporting services from curriculum development to technical writing.

ELs are the fastest-growing segment of the K–12 population. This book, well regarded by K-12 and higher education readers alike, develops the sense of urgency to advocate for ELs. Further, it provides research-based, actionable tools that all educators can use to ensure that ELs receive an equitable education.

Diane Staehr Fenner’s Book

“SupportEd brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from across the ESOL field and profession. Their collaborative approach to training results in professional development programs that are not only grounded in research and best practices, but are practical and teacher-focused.”

– John Segota, Associate Executive Director for Public Policy and Professional Relations, TESOL International Association

SupportEd News

  • SupportEd Fall 2016 News

    This fall we have been hard at work on projects to support ELs and their educators from finishing up a new book manuscript to developing exciting new adult education standards to new professional development engagements. Read on for more details.

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  • DSF Consulting Is Now SupportEd

    We are excited to announce that early this fall DSF Consulting changed its name to better reflect our commitment to supporting the English learner education community. As SupportEd we will continue to provide educators and other stakeholders in ELs’ education the skills and resources they need to champion ELs’ success within and beyond their classrooms.

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SupportEd Courses

Upcoming online course and PLC: Effectively Advocating for English Learners (ELs)

February 27 – April 7, 2017

This six-week guided online course, framed around Diane Staehr Fenner’s book Advocating for English Learners, will help participants take a deeper dive into advocating for ELs. During the three self-paced components, participants will identify and use effective strategies to advocate for ELs in their own context to provide equitable learning opportunities and a positive school climate with a shared sense of responsibility for ELs.

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